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Together is a new resource for anyone affected by pediatric cancer - patients and their parents, family members, and friends.

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For Health Care Professionals

Families facing pediatric cancer need a resource they can trust. Together provides reliable, up-to-date information about childhood cancer that complements hospital-specific patient education. Covering topics from initial diagnosis to survivor health and bereavement, Together encompasses the entirety of the cancer journey.  

Share Together with families facing pediatric cancer using our starter kit. The starter kit includes wallet cards, stickers, and flyers.

The Together team wants to make it easy for you to share the website with families who need it. Our free starter kit includes wallet cards, stickers, and flyers.


Together features:

  • Medical information in lay language – Together has reliable explanations on topics such as diagnosis, treatment, and side effects.
  • Practical resources – Together shares information to help patients and families manage day-to-day concerns.
  • Shared stories from families – Together’s video library allows patients and families hear from others who have walked a similar path.

Explore the site and share your feedback.

  • What would make the resource more valuable for your institution?  
  • What topics would you like to see covered? Or covered in more detail?
  • How would you prefer to share the website with families? What materials do you like to use for patient education?

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