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Medication Management


  • Safe Handling of Chemotherapy

    Some chemotherapy for treatment of pediatric cancer can be given by mouth at home. It is important for family members and caregivers to handle chemotherapy carefully and take steps to reduce exposure.

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  • Medicine Safety

    Managing medicines is a challenge for patients and caregivers. Families often juggle multiple medicines. It is easy to get overwhelmed. But, there are things families can do to stay on top of medicines.

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  • Safe Storage and Disposal of Medicines

    Proper storage and disposal of medicines is important to help keep patients, family members, and caregivers safe. All medicines can be dangerous if not stored properly, if not taken as directed, if taken by the wrong person, or if not thrown away safely.

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  • IV Medicines at Home

    For some pediatric cancer patients, certain IV medicines can be given at home. Caregivers should be trained in preventing infection, using the infusion device, recognizing signs of an allergic reaction or infection, and handling and disposing of the medicine.

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