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stock photo of woman putting a coin in piggy bank

Tips for Childhood Cancer Survivors on Staying Financially Fit

by Mary Powers May 10, 2024

Financial woes are a common late effect of childhood cancer. Learn from the experiences of a 3-times cancer survivor and explore tips for managing financial stress.

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Child patient undergoes MRI

Playing ‘Statue’ Can Have Big Rewards: Tips for MRIs without Anesthesia

by Mary Powers April 17, 2024

Learn how to help your child undergo a successful MRI scan without anesthesia or sedation.

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Woman writing in notebook

Why Share Your Childhood Cancer Story

by Trisha K. Paul, MD March 21, 2024

Trisha K. Paul, MD, studies the impact of writing on young cancer patients. Learn why storytelling matters and how to help young patients share their stories.

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Anna Sonkin performing physical exam on child patient

Reflections on Knowledge from a Parent-Physician

by Anna Sonkin, MD March 5, 2024

Anna Sonkin, MD, is a pediatrician from Russia. Her daughter is in remission from a brain tumor. Read her reflections on her parent-physician journey.

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Two hands holding smartphones with hearts on them

A Childhood Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Dating

by Mary Powers January 30, 2024

Dating is a skill you can learn. Read tips on how to get started and ideas for incorporating your cancer history into the process.

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Photo of Garrett with his dog

‘Keep Going’: Survivor Doesn’t Let Setbacks Get Him Down

by Beth Bartholomew January 19, 2024

Garrett Hill is a childhood cancer survivor who has overcome many difficulties through hard work and learning to advocate for himself. Read his story.

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