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Two hands holding smartphones with hearts on them

A Childhood Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Dating

by Mary Powers January 30, 2024

Dating is a skill you can learn. Read tips on how to get started and ideas for incorporating your cancer history into the process.

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Photo of Garrett with his dog

‘Keep Going’: Survivor Doesn’t Let Setbacks Get Him Down

by Beth Bartholomew January 19, 2024

Garrett Hill is a childhood cancer survivor who has overcome many difficulties through hard work and learning to advocate for himself. Read his story.

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Carlos and Dr. Marcela

A Positive Impact: Making Connections, Helping Fellow Survivors

by Carlos Frías January 3, 2024

Carlos Frías uses his cancer experiences to help others. Learn about his work with Faros de Vida, a Latin American network of childhood cancer survivors.

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Dr. Asya Agulnik with childhood cancer patient, indoors

Learn the Signs of Cancer Treatment Side Effects to Improve Survival

by Jill Granger December 19, 2023

Learn the signs and symptoms of serious side effects after cancer treatment and the use of PEWS and Proyecto EVAT to improve cancer survival in Latin America.

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Paula Elsener, Jason Winkle, and Erica Sirrine sitting at table recording

Caregivers SHARE Podcast Gives Solace, Connection

by Paula Elsener December 5, 2023

Paula Elsener’s son is a 3-time cancer survivor. Elsener offers her advice and counsel to other families facing childhood cancer through the Caregivers SHARE podcast.

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Sad child in refugee camp

How to Help Children Cope with War Trauma and Troubling Events

by Ryan N. James, PhD November 30, 2023

Learn the signs of traumatic stress and how to help your child cope with trauma from war and other troubling events.

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