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Together is a new resource for anyone affected by pediatric cancer - patients and their parents, family members, and friends.

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Inherited Cancers - Resources for Families

Family health history tools

Genomic medicine for patients and the public

Genetics and Genomics for Patients and the Public is a website from the National Human Genome Research Institute. It covers everything from detailed information about genetic disorders, background on genetic and genomic science, the new science of pharmacogenomics, tools to create a family health history, and a list of online health resources.

Genomic Medicine for Patients and the Public

Cancer genetics overview

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute’s website features an overview of cancer genetics, including information on genetic changes and cancer, hereditary cancer syndromes, genetic tests for hereditary cancer syndromes, and identifying genetic changes in cancer.

The Genetics of Cancer

Genetics references

Genetics Home Reference genetics resources page

This website is not specific to cancer, but it is a link to reliable genetics resources on the web.

Genetics Home Reference

Reviewed: June 2018