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Keeping Track of Your Child in Surgery

St. Jude has a system to help keep you informed during your child’s surgery. This system is called “Makin’ Trax.”  

What is Makin’ Trax?  

Makin’ Trax is a TV screen that helps you follow your child’s care throughout the surgery area. The screen is located in the surgery waiting room.  

You can look at the screen to find out where your child is during surgery. But, please be sure to ask the staff questions about your child if you have concerns.  

Details on the TV screen 

For your family’s privacy, the screen will not include names or procedures. Instead, staff members will give you a case number when your child is admitted the day of surgery.  

After arriving in the waiting room, look for your case number on the Makin’ Trax screen. The row with your child’s case number will appear in one of several colors. These colors let you know where your child is.  

Below are the steps of care in surgery and the colors you will see on the Makin’ Trax screen:  

  • Pre-Op Holding – where your child stays before going to surgery  
    • Pre-Op In: Orange 
  • Operating Room – where surgery takes place  
    • Patient in Operating Room: Green 
  • PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) – where your child goes for recovery  
    • In PACU (Recovery): Blue

To learn more about Makin’ Trax, call the Surgical Services staff at 901-595-4310.   

Key Points

  • Makin’ Trax is a TV screen in the surgery waiting room. 
  • The screen helps you follow your child’s care throughout the surgery. 
  • Look for your child’s case number on the screen. 
  • The location of your child will be color coded. 

Reviewed: January 2023