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Audio and Video Monitoring

Why is there a sign about audio and video monitoring in my child’s room?

Some patients who are staying at St. Jude  need a monitor that lets staff members see and hear them. The monitor is similar to a baby monitor you might use at home. It does not record you, your child, or anyone else in the room.

When a child needs a monitor

When you and other caregivers are not with your child, staff members might use a monitor. We do this to make sure your child is safe. We also check on your child in person as part of our normal routine. We do this whether or not your child has a monitor.

Monitors in the ICU

We might use a monitor in your child’s room in the intensive care unit (ICU) or intermediate care unit (IMCU). We do this if we are concerned about your child’s safety and we cannot see your child easily from the nurses’ station.

Audio and video monitoring

How we protect your family’s privacy

We protect your child’s privacy in the following ways:

  • The video monitor and speaker are placed where visitors and the public cannot see them.
  • We will tell you if your child needs an audio and video monitor.
  • We will tell your child if they are old enough to understand.

Key Points

  • Some patients staying at St. Jude might need a monitor to let staff members see and hear them.
  • The monitor does not record anyone in the room.
  • We protect your family’s privacy if we use an audio and video monitor for medical reasons.

Reviewed: August 2022