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Resources for Handling Grief

A variety of resources are available for grieving families including websites, support groups, books, and online communities. Because each person has different needs and coping styles, what is helpful for one family member might not be helpful for another. Needs can also change over time.

After the loss of a child, it can help to connect with other people who have gone through a similar experience. Local support groups for parents or siblings can be found in many places including hospitals, churches, mental health centers, and community organizations. To find local support groups in a particular area, search online using keywords such as “grief support groups in (town).”

Websites and organizations that have been helpful to bereaved families include:

There are also websites specifically for siblings. These include:

Grief Camps

Grief camps are another resource for families to consider. They can offer siblings a chance to share and connect with others who have experienced loss. Examples include:

Books on Grief

There are many books available on grief and the grieving process. Some are specific to a particular audience like parents who have lost a child; others are more general. Examples of books that parents have found helpful are included below. 

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Reviewed: June 2018