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Campus Safety

Staff at St. Jude work to keep everyone safe on campus and in our housing facilities.

Child safety

Please watch your child at all times in the hospital and in housing.

If you have concerns about your child’s safety due to custody or family conflicts, tell your social worker. Our Security team can meet with you to make a safety plan.

If you know that someone wants to visit the hospital who could put our campus at risk, please tell Security and your social worker.

Protect your property

St. Jude cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property.

Secure your personal property at all times.

Mark your items with your name and phone number. This will help staff return the items if they are lost.

If you find items left by other St. Jude families, please take them to the Guest Services desk in the Patient Care Center or Chili’s Care Center.


Only on-duty law enforcement officers may carry a handgun, firearm, or other weapon on hospital property. This includes housing facilities.

You may not have a weapon in a building on St. Jude property. If you see a weapon on campus, in housing, or a vehicle, call Security at 901-595-4444.

If you have a weapon with you when you arrive, please talk to the Security staff right away. They can make a plan with you to keep our campus safe until you can remove the weapon from campus.

Report security-related events

Report all security-related events right away. This includes:

  • Theft of property
  • Damage to property
  • Suspicious behavior
  • Suspicious packages

In an emergency

  • Security: Dial 4444 (from a cell phone, dial 901-595-4444)
  • Fire: Dial 3499 (from a cell phone, dial 901-595-3499)
  • Life-threatening emergency: Dial 911 or 3499 from a hospital or desk phone, which will alert the hospital operator and security.
  • If you use your own, personal cell phone to dial 911, the hospital and Security will NOT be alerted.
  • Security officers and off-duty Memphis Police Department (MPD) officers provide police presence on campus 24 hours every day. Along with calling one of the numbers above, you can ask a Security officer or MPD officer for help.

If you call 911

  • Dial 911 from any phone on campus that is able to dial an outside number.
  • Do not dial 9 to get an outside line first.
  • When you dial 911, the hospital operator and Security will also be alerted.
  • Keep in mind that the 911 operator might put you on hold.
  • Stay on the line and be ready to tell the 911 operator about your emergency.
  • Do not hang up on the 911 operator to answer other calls.
  • Security will come to the place where the 911 call was made. They will offer help and work with emergency services.
st. jude security call station

Call station at St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN

Security call stations

There is 1 call station in the Tri Delta parking lot. Call stations are also near the elevators on every floor of the parking garages. If you need help at any time, day or night, push the button on a call station.

Call stations are for anyone who needs help. It doesn’t have to be an emergency. If you have car trouble, feel sick, see something suspicious, or need a ride to a building, push the call station button.

When you push the button, the call connects to the Security Control Room. The security control officer will send an officer to help you.

If you need to reach St. Jude Security at any time without going to a call station, dial 901-595-4444.

Key Points

  • St. Jude staff work around the clock to keep everyone safe on campus and in our housing facilities.
  • Please watch your child, protect your property, and do not bring weapons onto campus.
  • To contact Security directly, dial 4444.
  • In an emergency, or fire, dial 3499 or 911 from a hospital or St. Jude desk phone, to alert both Security and the hospital operator.

Reviewed: January 2024