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Staying at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

There may be times when your child will need to be admitted to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. It is about 1.5 miles (a 5–6 minute drive) from St. Jude. The following details will help make your time at Le Bonheur easier for you and your family.

Transportation, food and housing

Shuttle buses: St. Jude will shuttle you and your child to Le Bonheur (one round trip each day per family). Call St. Jude Patient Care Services at 901-595-4501 for shuttle pickups.

Driving directions from St. Jude to Le Bonheur

  • Exit the main entrance at St. Jude and turn LEFT onto N. Lauderdale Street.
  • Just after the underpass, turn LEFT on Alabama Avenue.
  • At the next stoplight, turn RIGHT onto Danny Thomas Boulevard.
  • At the second stoplight, turn LEFT onto Washington Avenue.
  • After the first stoplight, the Le Bonheur Parking Garage will be on the RIGHT.

Food: If your family is not already receiving a grocery store gift card, St. Jude will provide a daily allowance for food purchases while at Le Bonheur. Call St. Jude Patient Care Services at 901-595-4501 for details.

St. Jude housing: St. Jude families do not lose their housing placements while at Le Bonheur.


Parking at Le Bonheur is free for all family members and guests. You may park in the following areas:

  • The front parking lot at 848 Adams
  • The parking garage at 130 N. Manassas

Both locations offer handicap parking.

Map of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

The entrance to the parking garage and parking lot is on Washington Avenue west of Dunlap. The parking garage is monitored by a security officer and security cameras 24 hours a day. You may park on any level, except in reserved spaces.

If you want a security officer to escort you to your car, call Le Bonheur Security at 901-287-6017.

The Emergency Department parking lot is located off North Pauline. It is for Emergency Department patients only. If your child is admitted to the hospital, please park in the lot at 848 Adams or in the parking garage at 130 N. Manassas.

If you park in the garage:

  • Take your parking ticket to the welcome desk in Le Bonheur’s main lobby.
  • A staff member will give you a token in exchange for the ticket.
  • Place the token in the token machine to exit the parking lot.
  • Only one token is issued. If you lose the token, you will owe $20 for parking.

To get to the hospital from the parking garage:

  • Exit the parking garage on the east side of the building.
  • Walk down the breezeway between the Outpatient Clinic and the Faculty Office Building.
  • Enter the Outpatient Clinic to your left.
  • Take the stairs or elevator to the ground floor.
  • When you exit the elevator on the ground floor, follow the tunnel to the hospital.

Staying in the hospital

Parents may stay with their child overnight in the room. All patient rooms are private and have sleeping space for 2 family members.

Playroom for siblings: Le Bonheur has a supervised playroom for siblings of patients. Talk to the child life specialist on your child’s unit for details.

Visitors: Due to changing COVID-19 guidelines, please contact Le Bonheur to learn the latest visitor policy.

Washers and dryers are available to parents 24 hours a day. Talk to your child’s nurse for location and soap.

A Family Room on each floor contains a microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, and other resources.

Le Bonheur support staff

  • Social Work – Available 24 hours a day. Call 901-287-3129.
  • Chaplain – Available 24 hours a day. Call 901-287-6024.
  • Language interpreters – Talk to the nurse or social worker if you need interpreting services.
  • Child Life – Le Bonheur has child life specialists to help your child during a hospital stay. You can reach Child Life at 901-287-6021.

Reviewed: August 2022