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ENFit Syringes

New ENFit syringes are now used to give medicines and fluid through enteral feeding tubes. You will get the new ENFit syringes if your child has an extension set, long tube (PEG), NG tube, or G tube feeding device. Oral syringes used during inpatient hospital stays or clinic visits at St. Jude will also be ENFit syringes.

NOTE: If your child is an outpatient, you must request ENFit syringes from the outpatient pharmacy.

ENFit syringes help keep your child safe. Some medicines and formulas are only meant to be taken by mouth or through a feeding tube. The ENFit syringe is made only to connect to the tubing of your child’s enteral feeding tube. It cannot connect to other types of tubing. The ENFit syringe helps to keep medicines and other fluids from accidentally being given through an IV into the bloodstream.

ENFit syringes come in different sizes. The syringe connects to your child’s feeding tube by a purple ENFit connector.

ENFit syringes

ENFit syringes come in different sizes.

ENFit syringes

ENFit syringes connect to your child's feeding tube by a purple connector.

Filling the ENFit syringe

A medication bottle adaptor is needed to use the ENFit syringe with regular medication bottles. An ENFit bottle fill cap goes on top of the bottle so you can fill the syringe.

A medication straw may also be used.

medication bottle

A bottle adaptor or fill cap goes on the medication bottle to fill the syringe.

medication straw

A medication straw can be used to fill the syringe.

Using low dose tip syringes

Take care to prevent giving too much medicine. Some ENFit syringes have a low dose tip. Low dose tip syringes include 0.5 mL, 1mL, 3mL, and 6mL syringes. These syringes have an area around the syringe tip called a moat. Always check that the moat is free of medication.

Do not use a medication cup to fill the syringe, as it may allow medicine to get in the moat. This can cause you to give too much medicine or cause overdose.

Tip of ENFit Syringe

Low dose syringe tip has a moat around the tip. Make sure the moat is free of medication.

Tips for using ENFit syringes

Follow these steps to make sure that you give the correct dose of medicine:

Check your child’s medication bottle to confirm the correct (purple) bottle fill cap is in place. You will not be able to use your ENFit syringes with regular medication bottle caps. A medication straw may also be used. Do not use a medication cup to fill the syringe.

  • Attach the syringe to the bottle adaptor or connect to the medication straw.
  • Pull the syringe plunger to bring the correct dose of medication into the syringe.
  • Make sure there are no air bubbles in the syringe. Tap or flick the tip of the syringe before you give the medication.
  • Wipe any medication or fluid from the outside of the syringe tip. Check that the syringe moat is free from medication.
  • Attach the ENFit syringe to the feeding tube connector and give the medicine as instructed.
  • Use a new ENFit syringe to flush the medication after it has been given.
  • Clean or discard the syringe after use as instructed.

If you have questions about the ENFit syringes or giving medicines or fluids through a feeding tube, please talk to your nurse, pharmacist, or dietitian.

Reviewed: August 2022