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Audiology and Hearing Care

What is audiology?

Audiology is a type of care that helps people with the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, and balance problems.

An audiologist can do tests to learn about problems and suggest treatments. If a hearing aid or other device is needed, an audiologist can help select the right device and fit it for your child.

Certain medicines and treatments can damage hearing. It is important to test hearing regularly to watch for changes. Hearing affects speech, social relationships, learning, and school performance. Early care can help your child better cope with hearing loss.

Cochlear implants for hearing loss

A cochlear implant is a medical device to help with some types of hearing loss. Hearing loss sometimes may happen because of cancer or its treatments.

Learn about cochlear implants
Research audiologist examines a pediatric cancer patient.

Early care can help patients better cope with hearing loss.

Finding an audiologist

Audiologists are licensed health professionals with a graduate degree in audiology (AuD).

They work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, and schools. Talk with your doctor about whether an audiologist could help your child. Most insurance companies will cover the costs of testing for hearing problems.

Key Points

  • Audiologists can help with hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, and other related conditions.
  • Audiologists can suggest treatment options for these conditions.
  • Talk with your child’s care team if you think they might need to see an audiologist.

Reviewed: August 2022