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Buzzy® Pain Relief Device

Buzzy® pain relief device

Buzzy® pain relief device

The Buzzy® pain relief device can help patients have less pain from shots and other procedures that use needles.

What is Buzzy?

Buzzy is a handheld device about the size of a computer mouse that buzzes (vibrates) on the skin. The buzzing confuses nerves in the area so they do not feel sharp pain. Your child can still feel touch sensations, but not the pain of the needle stick.

How does Buzzy work?

Buzzy relieves pain without any medication. The buzzing works the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps stop the hurt and cool running water soothes a burn.

Health care providers and family members can use Buzzy alone or with other types of pain relief if needed. The device can be held on the skin near where the needle will be placed. Buzzy is removed from the skin after the needle is pulled out.

How can Buzzy help my child?

Buzzy can help your child feel less pain from a shot, IV, or other procedure that uses a needle.

Feeling less pain helps your child feel less anxious and afraid of needles in the future. This makes needle procedures easier for you and your child. Using Buzzy also distracts your child from the needle procedure.

Buzzy® pain relief device used while giving a shot

Buzzy® pain relief device used while giving a shot

When is Buzzy used?

Your child’s doctor or nurse can use Buzzy for the following:

  • Putting in an intravenous (IV) line
  • Taking a blood sample
  • Giving a shot
  • Accessing a port with a needle stick

When not to use Buzzy

Buzzy is for children older than 12 months. If your child is younger, the doctor or nurse might use a sugar solution called Sweet-Ease® instead. Research shows Sweet-Ease can help babies feel less pain.

Buzzy should only be used on unbroken skin. It is not used on any area with an open wound.

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Key Points

  • Buzzy is a handheld device that vibrates on the skin. The buzzing confuses nerves in the area so a child does not feel sharp pain.
  • This pain relief device should be used on children over 12 months old.

Reviewed: August 2022