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CADD® Solis Pump Alarms

The following will help you know what to do when the CADD Solis pump alarm sounds.

Blank screen

CADD Solis VIP Pump Diagrams

Insert 4 AA batteries or close the door.

  1. Turn pump on.
  2. Clear alarms if needed.

Air in line

  1. Select Acknowledge.
  2. Close clamps.
  3. Disconnect line from patient.
  4. Prime tubing.
  5. Clean patient’s line.
  6. Reconnect tubing.
  7. Press the stop/start key.

Battery depleted or battery low

  1. Select Acknowledge.
  2. Press start/stop key to stop the pump.
  3. Install 4 new AA batteries.
  4. Press the power switch.
  5. Press the stop/start key.
  6. Reset reservoir volume. (yes/no)
  7. Start pump? (yes)
  8. Wait for pump to start.

Downstream occlusion (blockage) or upstream occlusion

  1. Press the stop/start key to silence.
  2. Check for blockages, kinks, and closed or capped tubing.
  3. Press the stop/start key to restart pump.

Reservoir volume low

  1. Select Acknowledge.
  2. Prepare to install a new bag using instructions below.

Reservoir volume zero

  1. Select Acknowledge.
  2. Prepare to install a new bag.
  3. Follow these steps to attach new bag.
    • Press the stop/start key to stop the pump.
    • Clamp tubing.
    • Push down on lever to detach latch.
    • Remove and throw away cassette, tubing, and bag.
    • Attach new cassette, tubing, and bag.
      • Remove blue clip.
      • Insert hooks into hinge pins and secure cassette.
      • Lift up on the lever to the closed position.
      • Pump will display directions.
  4. Press stop/start key to restart pump
  5. Reset reservoir volume. (yes/no)
  6. Start pump? (yes)
  7. Wait for pump to start.


If you have questions or concerns while using the CADD Solis pump, contact your child’s home infusion nurse. If you are using the St. Jude Home Infusion Service, call 901-595-7464. If you are outside the Memphis area, dial toll-free 1-855-466-3799.

Reviewed: September 2022