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Karen Ringwald-Smith


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Karen currently works at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as a Research/ Education/ Project Manager.

She has been at St. Jude since 1990 and has worked with many research and medical teams striving to optimize the medical nutrition therapy provided and improve health outcome.

Karen is actively participating in several research and evidence-based practice studies. Her core research team consists of four graduate students from the University of Memphis, three student assistants employed by St. Jude, and research observers from various undergraduate and graduate nutrition programs.

In addition to her research, she also assists the dietitians in the department with their research efforts. Karen enjoys program development and providing education to the St. Jude family, which includes staff, patients, and caregivers.

She has hosted several education programs including Taking it to the Streets, the Nutrition Express, Mommy and Me, and the St. Jude Healthy for Life Program “Delish Nutrish Cooking for St. Jude Kids”.

Annually, she enjoys developing campus wide nutrition activities including National Nutrition Month, Kids Eat Right Month, and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

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