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Digital CancerCon 2021 Visitors

What is Teens&20s?

The teenage and young adult years are usually filled with transitions – graduating from high school, finding a job, building new relationships, starting a family, deciding where to live, and defining who you are. A diagnosis of cancer interrupts this process. 

Teen and young adult patients and survivors told us what they needed.  Teens&20s is an online resource created to meet the unique needs of teens and young adults, ages 13-25, who are dealing with childhood cancer. 

Their voices are found throughout our pages.  

In Teens&20s you can find information on:

  • Keeping up with school whether that’s middle school, high school, trade school, or college
  • Learning how to become an adult and take care of yourself
  • Dealing with cancer and how it may affect your physical and mental health
  • Hearing stories from others who have walked a similar path

Teens&20s is a mini-site of Together, a comprehensive online resource about childhood cancer for patients and survivors no matter where they receive treatment. Together is powered by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

We hope you will keep coming back to our site during different parts of your cancer journey – from diagnosis to treatment to follow-up to being a long-term survivor. If you have ideas for content or would like to share your story, please email us at

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Thanks for visiting our booth at the virtual Digital CancerCon 2021 Conference! We hope you find this site a valuable resource for adolescent and young adult cancer patients.
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