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Keep Up with School

Cancer treatment and side effects will likely disrupt your regular school schedule. Find resources to help you make the most of your education.

  • College Classroom Accommodations

    College Classroom Accommodations

    College and trade schools likely have services to help you when you need academic or physical accommodations for cancer-related problems. Sometimes cancer and treatment side effects can affect thinking and learning skills or your ability to get around from place to place.

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  • ACT or SAT Accommodations

    ACT or SAT Accommodations

    Cancer patients may qualify for accommodations on ACT and SAT tests. Accommodations are changes made to the regular testing environment to allow people with disabilities to demonstrate their true ability on tests.

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  • Financial Aid and College Scholarships

    Financial Aid and College Scholarships

    Childhood cancer patients and survivors have several college scholarship options. Many organizations provide financial aid for cancer patients and survivors, and people with certain disabilities.

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  • Educational Challenges

    Educational Challenges

    After finishing cancer treatment, some children and teens may face extra challenges in school that are related to their diagnosis and/or treatment.

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  • Starting High School with Cancer

    Starting High School with Cancer

    Teenagers with cancer have it hard enough, but when you add in high school … well, we’re pretty much screwed. Learn how Ellie, a leukemia patient, made the transition.

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