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Somer Greene

Customer Success Manager

Somer Greene currently lives in England, where she works as a customer success manager for a speech recognition company. Previously,  she spent her career in the nonprofit sector, raising money for access to education and civil rights programs. In 2011, Somer was diagnosed with hereditary gastric cancer after losing her father to the same disease. Thanks to the amazing team at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, she achieved full recovery and is now able to live a wonderful life overseas-- full of health, adventure and gratitude! She sends infinite appreciation to St Jude and all those who support their amazing work.

Posts by Somer Greene

Reminders (not Resolutions) for the New Year

by Somer Greene December 30, 2021

When illness comes into the picture— whether affecting a family member, your child, or yourself— the importance of a New Year isn’t necessarily grounded in resolutions and excitement, but more so in confusion.

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