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Hana Hakim

Hana Hakim, MD, MS

Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Hana Hakim, MD, came to St. Jude in 2005 for pediatric infectious disease fellowship training. During her fellowship, she also completed a master’s degree in epidemiology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. To better understand the immunocompromised population, she completed another year of sub fellowship in pediatric HIV/AIDS. She is now a full faculty member in the St. Jude Infectious Diseases Department. She joined the Infection Prevention and Control Program in 2012. Since then, she has been the medical director of Infection Prevention and Control and chair of the Infection Prevention and Control Committee. 

Posts by Hana Hakim, MD, MS

mother and daughter getting flu shots

Why You Should Get Your Flu Vaccine This Year and Every Year

by Hana Hakim, MD, MS October 10, 2023

Infectious disease expert Hana Hakim, MD, MS, explains the importance of getting the flu vaccine for children with serious illness and their families.

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 father taking temperature for his sick daughter on sofa living room videocall with his doctor via digital tablet

Sepsis: Know the Signs. It Could Save Your Child’s Life

by Hana Hakim, MD, MS August 15, 2022

Every parent of a child with cancer or another serious disease should know the signs and symptoms of a sepsis infection. Learn more about sepsis.

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