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Anna Sonkin, MD

Anna Sonkin, MD

Program Coordinator, Euro Regional Program Department of Global Pediatric Medicine

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Anna Sonkin was born in New York into a family of Russian immigrants who returned to Moscow after the fall of the Soviet Union. She spent 30 years living in Moscow, where she earned a medical degree, worked as a pediatrician and palliative physician, and taught clinical communication skills. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anna and her daughters moved to the US. Sonkin works in the Euro Regional Program of St. Jude Global and spends her free time singing and studying opera. 

Posts by Anna Sonkin, MD

Anna Sonkin performing physical exam on child patient

Reflections on Knowledge from a Parent-Physician

by Anna Sonkin, MD March 5, 2024

Anna Sonkin, MD, is a pediatrician from Russia. Her daughter is in remission from a brain tumor. Read her reflections on her parent-physician journey.

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