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Surgical Drain Pump

Some surgeries can create an empty space in your child’s tissue. The body will fill that space with fluid or blood. Removing this fluid is critical so the tissue can come together to heal. If the fluid is not drained, problems can occur such as:

  • Infection,
  • Delayed wound healing, or
  • Surgery failure, requiring another surgery.

Your child’s care team will attach a surgical drain pump to help remove the extra fluid.

The Somavac® SVS drain pump uses continuous suction to collect and measure the fluids. Your child will wear this device at home until drainage stops, and the doctor can remove the drain.

The company that makes the surgical drain pump offers videos to teach you how to:

Somavac also offers a Patient Support Line. Call or text 833-766-2822.
If you have questions about surgical drain pumps, you also can speak with your child’s care team.

Reviewed: September 2022